Presented in a humorous and approachable way, toddlers will discover proper manners while being entertained. With Be Kind and Be Polite, little ones will be saying “please” and “thank you” as they learn to share, offer to help, and be kind to others!

To everyone’s surprise, two unlikely candidates were invited to a competition for speed, agility, and other special skills. And even though these two furry friends came in last place, they were awarded a special prize… they would be the first dogs to travel to space! Follow their real life journey through training, to space, and back home again.

Leon the newly-hatched, multicolored chameleon must go on a long journey. Along the way he experiences and overcomes many different emotions — including joy, fear, and more — while changing colors to match.
Special advice in the back gives children and adults concrete examples of how to overcome emotional obstacles.


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